DuraBalloon Bracket Kits

You can attach DuraBalloons to a variety of surfaces.  We have brackets for signs, fences, cars and light poles.  If you have a special situation, call us for a solution.

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DuraBalloon Bracket Kit
If you do not need a pole for extension then you may just want a bracket kit.  This extremel..
DuraBalloon Angle Bracket Kit
Also known as the A-Frame Bracket, this super tough bracket is made to stand straight on an angle..
DuraBalloon Light Pole Kit 4 Pack
Add maximum attention to your property from all angles! The 4-Pack saves you money and delivers m..
DuraBalloon Single Light Pole Kit
Light Poles are a perfect place to add attention to your property. The super-sturdy angled bracke..
DuraBalloon Car Window  Kit
Using all 100% USA Dupont® plastic, DuraBalloon® Window Clip Bracket Kits are the toughest in t..
DuraBalloon Triple Suction Cup Kit
This extremely tough lever operated Triple Suction Cup Kit creates a cluster of 3 DuraBalloons to..
DuraBalloon Single Suction Cup Kit
This extremely tough lever operated Single Suction Cup Kit has one DuraBalloon to attract attenti..
DuraBalloon No Helium Balloons
These helium-free 17" balloons are the World's Strongest Balloon! Specially engineered plastic po..
Message DuraBalloons
Our long lasting DuraBalloons with a message that helps you market.    Choose from..
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