DuraBalloon Pole Kits

Use our pole kits to display a single balloon.   We offer a variety of styles and configurations so you can get just the right product.  Of course, if you need help, call us at 800-332-8730.

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DuraBalloon Short  Pole Kit
The Short Pole kit  is ideal for placing next to temporary signage or just drawing attention..
DuraBalloon Long  Pole Kit
The Long Pole kit  is ideal for catching the eye of traffic.  The pole is 48 inches tal..
DuraBalloon Long  Pole Weighted Base Kit
Use the weighted base for installation on any hard surface.   The pole slides over a pi..
DuraBalloon Long  Pole Banded Pole Kit
Use the banded pole kit to attach the poles to a fixed post.   The pole kit can be atta..
Mega  Pole Kit
New Mega Pole Kits are Big and Bold.  A large 30 in. balloon sits atop a tall 8 ft. pole ass..
DuraBalloon No Helium Balloons
These helium-free 17" balloons are the World's Strongest Balloon! Specially engineered plastic po..
Message DuraBalloons
Our long lasting DuraBalloons with a message that helps you market.    Choose from..
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