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A sidewalk sign designed  to handle the wind.  The Windy Sidewalk sign is a strong 10 mil coroplast face attached to springs and a black sign base.   The base has ballast ports that accept sand or water for added wind resistance.  The standard unit has two heavy duty spring assemblies to handle up to 40 mph winds.  The larger Windy has three springs.   The signs ships in two cartons via UPS.

The graphics are beautiful digital print vinyl on the coroplast face.  Choose from any of our designs or create your own.   The standard size face is 24" x 36" and available in white or black coroplast.  The larger Windy sign face is 29" x 45" and available in white coroplast.

 A great idea we got from one customer is to design the graphics like your brochure.  Promote your amenities, phone and website.   We can use your photos and logo.  So don't let the strong breezes beat you.  Ask Windy to help.